I write, cut, and sew these fabric banners together one letter at a time. The phrases are a mix of my feelings, thoughts, memories, things I wish I said, things I wish I heard, things I wish I knew, and things I know. They are meant to be ambiguous at times. I want people to read them and be able to apply their own meaning and understanding to the words So much of our emotional experience is fleeting yet permanent all at once. As humans we have this incredible capacity for pain, love, grief and so much more. I am so blown away by our ability to adapt.


These are all screen prints based on my other work. Some are images of the banners turned into a half-tone image and then into a screen print. This allows me to make more than one version of each banner and play with different color combinations. Some are monotypes of my wall assemblage piece, "The Coat Hook". The rest are layered screen prints of some of the oil can forms I make with a tracing of an image of a brick wall and wooden door I photographed.